Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

Nothing too exciting happened the first several days of the week.  I worked Monday through Thursday so those days didn't consist of much.  Friday I had off and spent a lovely day with my mum.

We spent the day thrifting at a few different shops.  I didn't get my usual load of bounty, but I did get a few nice pieces.  The most exciting thing is a stunning vintage 1940s coat that my mum got me for Christmas.  She wasn't going to show me at first, but she wanted to make sure it fit.  I can't wait to get it!  It's so lovely!

We had lunch at the little diner in my town that we also wanted to check out.  They had the cutest Victorian era reproduction Coca-Cola signs hanging around.  The food was so delicious too.

We ended up having to go grocery shopping then.  Crazy!  I really had to go no matter what, but it was still crazy.  We are supposed to be getting a really bad storm here in the next few days so people were going into survivor mode.  I've heard insane reports about how generators are sold out everywhere and Walmart no longer has any water!  I guess they're expecting it to be really bad.  It's rather scary...  Hopefully it won't be quite as bad as they are saying it to be.

1-4. Baking pumpkin shaped spritz cookies with my vintage mixer.

5. Romance in bloom.
6. Lady Mary Crawley.
7-8. Old WWI advertisements.

9. Old newspaper article about WWI ending.
10. Incredible Downton Abbey companion book.
11. Sharing  this post with my Instagram followers.
12. Gorgeous foliage on the way to work.

13. Sharing this post with my Instagram followers.
14. My mum's new dog, Gracie.
15. Taking my mum's pups for a walk.
16. Freshly curled hair.

17. Freshly done vintage mani.
18. Vintage jewelry box.
19. My mum's 1960s dress from middle school.
20. Oxfords and leaves.

 21. Taking outfit photos in the park.
22. The most beautiful shoes I've ever seen...that were too small.
23. Lunch at the Railroad Diner with mum.
24. Ethel and Bobby Kennedy.

25. A cute wee bug on my mums.
26. Last Sunday's thrifting outfit.
27. Hello, Hook!  Another reason to love Once Upon a Time.

I'm excited to have off tomorrow.  It's going to be horrible out, so it's the perfect day to lay on the couch and try to finish watching my list of Halloween movies with a cup of hot mint chocolate.  Hopefully the power stays on so I can achieve that.  And also hopefully it won't be so terrible tonight at work that they make me stay the night.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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