Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

So another week has passed.  I must warn you, there was a theme for me this week.  And that theme was Doctor Who.  All week I was humming with excitement for the series premiere that aired last night.  Of course, I had to work.  But I had something to get me through the work day- thinking of the Doctor waiting for me at home.  I won't say anything about the episode, just in case some of you are fans and haven't seen it yet.  But it was most definitely worth the wait.

1. Last Sunday's outfit
2. A beautiful piece of rusty gold
3. This is the type of old pickup I'd love to have
4. Taking Smudger for a walk

5. A TARDIS watercolour that I made whilst painting with my nephew
6. Vincent Van Gogh's "The Pandorica Opens" from Doctor Who
7. Wednesday's outfit
8. Mum playing with her food

9. 1950's frock.  Thinking of wearing it to Celtic Thunder
10. One of my favourite episodes: "The Doctor's Wife"
11. The Doctor listening to Muse
12. Mmm...two Doctors

13. Promo photo for the new series
14. My baby sleeping
15. A gorgeous TARDS graphic I found online
16. Doctor Who nails!  I really started getting in the mood

17. Sonic screwdriver and a Dalek
18. Bow tie, Don't Blink, sonic screwdriver, Dalek
19. I wear fezzes now, fezzes are cool
20. Doctor vs. Dalek showdown

21. I can't wait for the Weeping Angels to return
22. Epic X-Men vandalism
23. August's Blue Moon
24. I definitely geeked out when I went to the loo at the Museum of Science in Boston and saw this

25. This was right next to Bad Wolf.  Imagine my excitement...
26.  Getting excited for last night's episode
27. Lazy day in my TARDIS blue jeans

So this is another side of me that you get to see.  Those who are mates of mine or read my personal Facebook know that I have a geeky streak.  One of the things I geek out about is Doctor Who (as if you couldn't tell by now).  What sort of things do you geek out about?

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