Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

This week has been a tough one- full of highs and lows.  The week started off like any other normal week.  I made some muffins because my mum gave me ripe bananas.

All week I was excited for the concert on Wednesday.  But then on Wednesday my mum called me to tell me she was taking her/our dog Harley (I grew up with him so even though he was technically hers, I loved him so) to the vet because he was still not acting like himself after a week or so.  I carried on with my day expecting her to call me, but she didn't for quite awhile.  So I phoned her and she was upset.  They were going to take Harley into emergency surgery because his spleen and liver were grossly enlarged.  The doctor said he might not make it.

I sped my way to the vet's and got to see Harley before they took him back for the procedure.  He got through the surgery fine, there were no tumors on the organs.  But they did a biopsy and were giving him a blood transfusion because he was severely anemic.  My mum got to take Harley home the following day, Thursday.

It was difficult but Mum and I went to the concert on Wednesday.  I told her I would go alone if she wasn't up to going.  She was very worried about Harley who had to stay overnight at the vet.  We went and had lots of craic.  It was good to get away and keep our minds busy.  The show was wonderful and meeting all of the fellas was beyond amazing.  For more about the concert, read my post here.

Then I got a phone call waking me up yesterday morning.  It was my mum phoning to say that Harley's condition was worse and that he had an incurable disease.  She was contemplating putting him down because his condition deteriorated overnight.  I went over straight away to spend time with them.  We talked about it and agreed that poor Harley shouldn't have to suffer.  We spent several hours with him before we took him to the vet and let him have his peace.

1. I made chocolate chip banana muffins for work.
2. This lot was for me.
3. Lovely lace sweetheart neck wedding gown
4. Getting excited for Celtic Thunder

5. Getting everything ready for Celtic Thunder.
6. Bought Keith Harkin's solo CD.
7. Really getting geared up for CT.
8. Harley on a walk when he was healthy.

9. Cuban heel back seam thigh high stockings.
10. All dressed up and ready to go!
11. & 12. Wednesday outfit photos.

13. Ready to see some Irishmen.
14. The truck that holds all of the stage equipment, etc.
15. The day is finally here!
16. The view from my seat.

17. The final song of the performance, "Caledonia".
18. My signed tour program by all of the members except Keith.
19. My signed CD of Keith's solo album.
20. Myself and Neil Byrne.

21. Myself and Ryan Kelly.
22. Myself and Colm Keegan.
23. Myself and George Donaldson.
24. Myself and Emmet Cahill (I was most excited to meet him!!!).

 25. It's officially fall- I broke out the hot chocolate.
26. Just finished reading this, it was quite good.
27. One of the last photos of my beloved Harley, before he passed away yesterday.

It's been hard, and it will be for quite some time.  It still doesn't feel real at all.  I just keep expecting it to be a dream.  And that the next time I go to my mum's house, there will be my dear ginger friend.  It's so difficult to lose a loved one.  At the time it feels like you will never recover from the loss.  But I'll just have to take one day at a time and leave it at that.

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