Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

This week has been a hot one for sure.  Thankfully my mum carried down my two window AC units and put them in for me.  Or else I would be completely wilted.

It's so hard to believe that in one week, even less than one week, WWII Weekend will finally be here.  In case you haven't noticed by the amount I've talked about this- I'm really excited!  My outfits are all planned out all the way down to the accessories and now all I need to do is play the waiting game until Friday.

1-2. Last Sunday's outfit.
3-4. Photoshoot after church.

5. First time shooting a rifle. 75 yards and a bulls-eye, not too bad...
6. My great-grandfather, Norman Perley Knowlton, WWI.
7. My grandfather, Warren R. Beitler, WWII.
8. My great-uncle, Adrien 'Bud' Hilmer Knowlton, WWII.

9. My patriotic outfit for Memorial Day.
10. And the details of said outfit.
11. Fred K. Johnson, 1941.
12. Harry Bickford, 1917 or 1918.

13. Fire pit and s'mores, the perfect way to end Memorial Day.
14. Norman Perley Knowlton, WWI.
15. My great-grandmother, Winifred Coffin (nee Johnson) Knowlton.
16. Wednesday's outfit mixed florals.

17. Details of my outfit from Wednesday.
18. Ginger Rogers was this week's Style Crush.
19. Major hair envy over Rita Hayworth's luscious locks.
20. Vintage black one piece swimsuit.

21. Shared this outfit post via Instagram.
22. Thursday's outfit, apricot wiggle dress.
23. My attempt at re-creating Rita's hair.
24. UK Being Human v US Being Human, UK wins for sure.

25. Vintage nurse's uniform.
26. Vintage green and white one piece swim suit, bullet bra built in!
27. Boho-chic for Friday's outfit.
28. Shared this post on Instagram.

29. Had a dream of Jay Baruchel as a sailor. That's a good dream.
30. Happy Birthday, Marilyn! (1 June 1926)
31. Saturday's feathery outfit.
32. Rita hair turned out better the second time around.

33. The pretty roses in my garden.
34. Since I can't be at Comic Con right now, watching Fanboys will have to do.

Another reason I'm excited for next weekend, besides the obvious, is that my cousin Kathy and her husband Mark are coming down for a wee visit.  And when I say wee, I mean wee.  They are arriving Friday afternoon, going to WWII Saturday, and then heading back to Maine Sunday.  Talk about quite a ride for just a short period of time!  Either way, I'm happy to see her again.

Apparently my sleeping mind is as excited as my waking conscious for WWII Weekend, because Friday night I had a dream about Jay Baruchel in a sailor uniform.  He did play one briefly in Night at the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonian so that's where the image came from.  But why it sprung into my unconscious mind, I don't know.  It's certainly got me on a Jay kick though.  I had to watch Fanboys because I'm bummed about missing Comic Con in Philly (Norman Reedus is there!) and then I watched Tropic Thunder.  Jay is just so adorkable.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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