Sunday, June 16, 2013

My (Past Two) Week(s) According to Instagram

Be afraid, be very afraid.  This is a heavy picture loaded entry (over 100!) thanks to missing last Sunday's Instagram post and the large volume of photos from WWII Weekend.  I won't go into detail with what happened at the event in this post.  I'll save it for the individual posts for each day.

Now that we've got that out of the way, I've had a few very eventful, full weeks.  At least busier than I'm used to being lately.  As you all know, unless you've been MIA from the blog (like me, sorry!), last weekend was the big WWII event at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA.  I met a very special fella there who I spent some of the week with.

Then on Tuesday I got all four of my wisdom teeth extracted.  No fun, let me tell you, but it could have been a lot worse.  Thankfully I didn't puff up too much and I suppose the pain could have been worse.  It was mostly general discomfort and not being able to sleep correctly.

Wednesday I went to a funeral to support someone very special to me.  It wasn't easy dealing with the pain and everything not even 24 hours post-surgery, but I really wanted to be there for them.

1-4. My outfit two Sunday's ago...or three if you count today.

5. "If the TARDIS is infinite with infinite rooms then maybe we're all in the TARDIS and don't even know it." "Mother of God!" "Maybe our entire universe is one room in the TARDIS." Mind = blown.
6. Last year at WWII Weekend.
7-8. Dressed like Rosie the Riveter for working in the library two Monday's ago.

9. I've got a sonic screwdriver!!!
10. An outfit last week. I can't even remember what day now.
11. Rita Hayworth hair!
12. Finalized outfits for WWII Weekend.

13. Rita Hayworth was last week's Style Crush.
14-15. I love Reminiscence Magazine.
16. Lots of coffee and Ginger Rogers.

17. Titanic themed outfit post.
18. The "ballroom" I decorated at the library for their Jane Austen event.
19. Packing my bag for WWII on Friday.
20. Friday's outfit for the event.

21. A close up of my hair before the wind and rain ruined it.
22. And of course, backseam stockings were necessary.
23-24. The only good thing about Friday (besides spending the day with my neighbour) was the access to the planes and cars since there weren't many people at the event that day.

25. Staying dry in a Jeep.
26. A girl can never have too many choices...
27. In the Home Front house.
28. Gorgeous Waterfall vanity.

29. Fixing my stockings in the back of a beaut of a car.
30. Outfit details.
31. Checking the icebox contents.
32. I need this car...

33. And perhaps this camera.
34. Well, I did say I wanted to find a man like Benedict Cumberbatch at the event...
35. Last Saturday! I met 'FDR'!
36. The gorgeous green car had it's boot open this day!

37. Can't say no to a man (or men) in uniform.
38. I love suicide doors.
39. Recreated The Kiss with a British Airborne reenactor.
40. Met the lovely @sheddingglitter from Instagram.

41. Some of the British Airborne lads.
42-43. Last Sunday! Doing some proper pinup work!
44. First time meeting the fella...Quite the meet-cute!

45-46. Instant chemistry.
47. The Manhattan Dolls performing on Sunday.
48. Yes, please...

49. Back to reality; Monday's outfit.
50. Gorgeous vintage 40s stockings I got at the event.
51. Photograph by Betsy Murphy.
52. Photograph by Drew Weidman.

53-56. Photos by Betsy Murphy.

57-60. Photos by Betsy Murphy.

61-62. Photos by Betsy Murphy.
63. Watching Pleasantville on Tuesday with Smudger post-surgery.
64. The fella sent me a photo to cheer me up Tuesday.

65. Two vintage 40s patterns I picked up at the event.
66-68. More photos by Betsy Murphy.

69-71. Can you tell I like Betsy Murphy's photos?
72. One my mum took. I love his smile.

73-76. More candids via my mum. All four of these are great favourites of mine.

77-80. More photos my mum took via her mobile.

81-83. And more from Mum.
84. I love this couple. So beautiful.

85-88. Photos by Jeff Heller.

89-92. Photos by Jeff Heller.

93-96. Photos by Jeff Heller.

97-98. Photos by Jeff Heller.
99. Details for Friday's date outfit. I ended up changing the stockings and hat.
100. First date and a 40s caboose to boot!

101. I think we make quite the couple.
102. My dapper gent. Every lady loves a sharp dressed man.
103. He brought me two red roses...
104. Inside the Curiosity Shoppe. They loved us!

105. Must raid Daisy Buchanan's wardrobe...
106. Until I have the wealth of the Buchanans, this will have to suffice.
107. 20s garb for our second date on Saturday. Here we are aboard the USS Olympia.
108. Out strolling the Philadelphia streets with this fine fella.

109. The gorgeous wall of ranges inside the USS Olympia.
110. This makes me think of Titanic.
111. Lovely couple parting ways at Penn Station.
112. Happy Father's Day!

Thursday was a day of much needed rest with the ice pack on my face most of the day to help ease the pain.  Friday I spent the day with my new fella.  Even though we had kissed and everything in the photoshoot and went out with a group afterwards, this was our official "first date".  We went to Lititz for their Second Friday because the one shoppe owner told me they were having some swing dance event.  That turned into a bust as they only played one song whilst we were there.  But we still had a nice time in each others company walking around the town and peeking in the shoppes.

Saturday we spent the day together again, this time up towards where he lives.  We drove into Philadelphia and he showed me around a bit.  I haven't been in the city for quite some time and since he frequents there often, it was lovely to stroll the streets arm in arm.  We got to explore the USS Olympia which was constructed in 1891.  It was fun to get to see the inside and how beautiful everything still was.  He then took me to a speakeasy for a drink.  It was really neat in there and it fit with our 20s apparel perfectly.

Despite the ups and downs and the craziness of the past two weeks, I wouldn't change a thing because it lead me to where I am now.

How have you all been?  Done anything exciting?

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