Monday, June 3, 2013

WWII Weekend, Flashback 2012

Okay, really, if you haven't noticed how excited I am by now, there's something wrong with your vision.  But in case you happened to miss everything, I am so beyond excited for WWII Weekend this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

So as more preparation and to continue getting ready, I am going to share with you photos from last year.  It was a tough decision for me to share some of them, as they include my ex-boyfriend, whom I met at the event.  But some of the photos are too pretty to not post, and meeting him was a special part of the event for me at the time.

This vintage green wiggle dress is what I wore on the first day I was there, Saturday.  I love the way it hugs my curves perfectly.  The photo above was the first time I met Scott.  He was leaning against the jeep at his camp and I remarked to my mum how I thought he was attractive.  She came up with the ruse of asking for a photo with him as our meet-cute.

The pink floral dress I wore the second day I went, on Sunday.  Scott and I spent the whole day walking around and inevitably got our photo snapped by many passers by.  The above two photos are taken by a gentleman who wanted us to pose by a Jeep.

I love this car so much.  I hope one day to have a beautiful old car like this.  But I would definitely have white wall tires.

Old military Jeeps are also so sexy.  I even got to ride in one last year.  Nearly burnt myself, but it's not easy to shimmy into the seat when your dress is that tight.

I even was lucky enough to sit in this beauty.  I guess dressing up pays off.  Even though for me it isn't so much dressing up, as much as wearing my normal attire.

A candid shot of me fixing my hair in the mirror of a Jeep.  How awesome is the name of that plane?

Another beaut of a car.  I just love the silhouette of the cars back then.  Well, I suppose any from the 1950s and before.  Those are the sexiest to me.  Yes, even the Model Ts.

See?!  This one has even got the white wall tires!  So pretty.  The photo below is a little bittersweet for me.  I still love it because it's so beautiful and it's a candid.  We were listening to a beautiful woman singing "At Last" by Etta James and it was snapped without us knowing.  I was then shown it on Facebook.

From another angle and in colour.  I still really like this one as well.

Last year they even had a gorgeous statue of the infamous V-J Day in Times Square photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt.  This is one of my absolute favourites, as I am sure it is for a lot of other people.  I was even gifted the poster by Scott when we were dating because he knew how much I love it.

I'd love to re-create it this year.  Maybe I can find myself a sailor and get the guts to do it, even though I won't be wearing white...

Only 4 more days!  The rain better hold off or else!

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