Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Style Crush: Rita Hayworth

Just as I did last week in preparation of WWII Weekend this weekend, this week is another of my favourite old Hollywood starlets that was big during the 1940s, Rita Hayworth.

It's amazing the transformation Margarita Cansino did to become Rita Hayworth.  Especially considering that all she wanted out of life was to be loved.  If you're unfamiliar with her tragic story, I suggest reading this really interesting piece.  I won't delve into it here since this is more so about her style than her love life.

She looks so carefree and happy in the casual outfit beside Orson Welles.  She's such a knockout even in something as simple as slacks and a blouse.

Look at that hourglass figure!  Her waist was so tiny.  To me, this is more attractive than some girl in only a yard of stretchy fabric.

It's almost hard to believe she's not a natural redhead.  It looks so becoming on her with her skin tone.  Her hair style is a major note of envy for me.  The curls and waves are just so fabulous-especially the front bit!  I've gotten my trained to do that swoopy/wave in the front like hers, but that's the closest I've got to emulating her style.

This is one of my favourite photos of her.  I think it really epitomizes old Hollywood glamour and beauty.  It's easy to see why she was pinup of choice during WWII.  They even handed out photos of her to the soldiers for morale.


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