Sunday, July 7, 2013

My Week According to Instagram

I know, I know, I know...  Where the bloody hell have I been?!  I'm so sorry...  I actually took the time and edited over 100 Instagram photos from the past couple of weeks, put them up here, and wrote the whole blog entry.  Then went I went to post it, I lost everything and was too frustrated to go through all that again.  So I am skipping those two weeks and picking back up on this week.

One thing I must share since I'm not posting those photos is that the guy I met at WWII Weekend and I are no longer seeing each other.  I was really sad at first, but now I've realized it happened for a specific reason.  If I would have never met him, or if he would have never split up with me, then I wouldn't be where I'm at at this moment, nor whom I'm with.  I feel the pain was worth it in the end.

1. Watched On the Town for the first time. Such an entertaining film!
2. Last Sunday's outfit.
3. Monday's mixing of matching florals.
4. Gorgeous gloves I got from the lovely Eccentric Owl. She's such a great penpal!

5. Recruited penpals. I'm bringing handwritten letters back.
6. Cocktails with a friend at a pirate themed pub.
7. "When the Right One Comes Along" from Nashville.
8. In love with Wednesday's outfit. I must wear it again and take outfit photos.

9. Wednesday's hair. I have a bit of a fingerwave somehow happening.
10. One must wear a Captain America plaster when they cut themselves on Fourth of July.
11. A patriotic pinup.
12. My Fourth of July outfit.

13. Friday's outfit. It was too hot to bother with anything too fancy.
14. Oh Benny...
15. Finally watched Mr Selfridge and loved it!

I've had some really busy weeks lately, which has been a wonderful change.  I've been hanging out with lots of different people.  Last weekend I went to Gettysburg for the 150th which was really neat to see.  There are photos on my IG account and there will be a post with photos eventually.

I'm writing this post a day early, because I'll be too busy this weekend to get it out on time and I feel terrible about being so far behind in blogging.  Saturday (aka today as I'm writing this) I went to my brother's house for a cookout with my family and a new fella.  Afterwards he and I will be going to a party at his mate's.

Today I'm going to church with R to hear his band play and then going to the Conrad Weiser Homestead with him whilst he takes pictures.  After that I get to go to Shupp's Grove with a friend from the library I volunteer at.  I've never been there before but apparently I'll love it.  There's all sorts of antiques and vintage clothing and whatnot., be interested in that...?  Never...

I'll leave you here for now.  Until next time...Which won't be nearly as long I promise!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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