Sunday, August 4, 2013

My (Past Three) Week(s) According to Instagram

I know, I know...  I was doing so good for a week there with blogging and then I let it all go to pot again.

My weeks and weekends have been much busier of late.  I ended up getting a temp job so now my weekdays are filled with work.  Since my back still hurts and I'm not used to waking up so early yet, it's taken awhile for me to adjust.  I haven't been posting as many Instagram daily outfits either because it's rather dirty where I'm working and I don't want my pretty vintage items to get grease stains and the like on them.

My weekends have been filled with either reenactments, hanging out with friends, or both.  The past two weekends I went to two different reenactments.  One at Joanna Furnace and one at Eckley's Miners' Village.  They both had dances in the evening which were great fun.  I still have no idea what I'm doing, but if I have a strong lead, I can go with the flow rather well.

1. My outfit two Sundays ago.
2. First time wearing this vintage dress and hat.
3. No outfit photoshoots lately due to the heat, but mum took a quick snap.
4. Beat the heat with a Mike's hard lemonade at a baseball game.

5. TARDIS pyjamas! Need I say more?
6. Two Mondays ago's outfit. Another new (to me) vintage dress.
7. First time wearing this hat as well.
8. Out to the cinema to see This Is the End. I love this 50s frock.

9. Too hot to care; thus entered the mint sailor shorts.
10. My new favourite cocktail at Applebees: frozen strawberry lemonade with rum.
11. Beautiful Benedict celebrated his 37th birthday on 19 July.
12. No holiday for me this year. But hopefully a beach trip to do a vintage swimsuit shoot at least...

13. Randomly dreamed of Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers.
14. I certainly feel like a fool a lot of the time.
15-16. Outfit for WWII reenactment at Joanna Furnace.

17. A dreamy soldier.
18. I ended up buying a new (to me) vintage dress and changing into it.
19. And then I ended up ripping it whilst swing dancing later on.
20. A girl and her gun.

21. Two vintage baby dresses I couldn't pass up from Joanna Furnace.
22. Last Sunday's easy breezy outfit.
23. A woman from the Joanna Furnace event gave me these custom made 1940s crocodile shoes!
24. Picked some Queen Anne's lace that I love.

25. On the bridge in Mt. Gretna.
26. Joanna Furnace, Mike's, Willow, and Reading WWII Weekend.
27. Smudger loves to play with soda bottles.
28. Johnny Galecki- I can't get enough of The Big Bang Theory.

29. Saturday's outfit for another WWII reenactment at Eckley's Miners' Village.
30. Gorgeous wrought iron bench outside the Sharpe House.
31-32. At the Sharpe House.

33-34. Inside the Sharpe House.
35. A tank outside of where the USO dance was held.
36. Swinging the night away.

37-38. One does not simply come across Captain America and Wolverine masks without putting them on.
39. Smudger from two weeks old to three years old.
40. Took Smudger to get ice cream on his birthday.

41. One of my favourite photos from Reading's WWII Weekend.
42. I can't wait to swing dance again. I miss it.
43-44. Friday's outfit to see Swing Fever play.

45. Behind on responding to my penpals.
46. Saturday's 50s outfit to hear Flamin' Dick and the Hot Rods play.

This weekend I had more events going on.  Friday evening the band Swing Fever played a concert in the park which I attended.  I am addicted to hunting down all the local swing dance events.  I was a bit disappointed that no one was dancing, so I left after the first set.  It was mostly older people sitting around in their lawn chairs.  Not what I wanted.

Then come Saturday, I went to the Lebanon Fair.  My friend's cousin's band Flamin' Dick and the Hot Rods were performing 50s/60s rock and roll there.  Today has been a day of rest for me.  I'm not used to being this active plus working a job on top of it, all with stupid back pain/headaches to throw a wrench in the situation.

I'll try once again to be more proactive with this.  Hopefully once my body becomes more accustomed to the new hours and all I can get on a better schedule.  I hope you've all been doing well!

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