Friday, August 16, 2013

Mint and Lace

Lookie!  I'm a good girl and have my Friday post out on time!  This is thanks in part to having a free evening the other night after work where I could put the photos up awhile and then just throw in some words at another time.  Lately I've been either doing something every evening after work or I'm too exhausted to want to do much besides lounge on the couch watching some telly.  Also, my weekends have been pretty booked between friends and reenactments.

So not as much time for blogging.  Which I find rather ironic.  Now that I actually have a semblance of a life and am doing things, I don't have the time and/or energy to post about them.  I mean, jeepers, I haven't even posted photos from Reading's WWII Weekend and that was in June!

These photos were taken by the local creek that runs through my town.  I was running errands this day and didn't want to have to drive out of the way to go to my usual spot.  It's a pretty location but the shading from the trees combined with the time of day made for some dim photos.

Outfit Details:
vintage top, vintage collar {Grandma Ruth}
vintage Ferragamo shoes, belt, skirt, handbag {thrifted}
hair comb {eBay}

You can tell by my hair that these photos were taken shortly before The Great Gatsby came out.  I was still experimenting with different methods to achieve nice looking finger waves.  This was not the best of attempts, by far.  But I eventually got better at it and they turned out rather well for the actual day of my Gatsby photoshoot I did before seeing the film.

I've already started editing photos for Sunday's Instagram post, so hopefully it will actually come out this week and on time!  The horror!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


  1. This outfit is dreamy, I especially love that collar!

  2. I adore your skirt!