Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Style Crush: Michael Fassbender

Style Crush is back with another Brit!  Well, sort of.  If you count German and Irish.  Which I am.  Because it's my blog.  So there.  I present to you Michael Fassbender.  If you haven't seen his incredible talent in anything, you are sorely missing out.

Michael is capable of pulling off a more casual look like the tee shirt and dress pants above.  He also looks devastatingly charming in a three piece suit.  I sure am a sucker for a well dressed man.  And I love waistcoats.  Love.

I love the fact that Fassy can pull off being beardy as well as scruffy and clean shaven.  I love a bit of scruff on a man.  Plus who can resist ginger scruff?  Not this lass.

Can this man do no wrong?  Sexy bedhead?  Check.  Scruff?  Check.  Casual clothing but still looks handsome and put together?  Check.

Nnnyahsodfkdsjfsdkj.  That's all I can say about him in this tuxedo with hat.

Really?  Jeans at an event?  Oh well.  He still looks completely fantastic.  And I can't help admiring how well they fit him.

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