Monday, January 21, 2013

My (Past Two) Week(s) According to Instagram

Sorry sorry sorry!  I've been MIA for over two weeks.  Life caught up with me and I neglected you as a result.  But I'm back a day late and a dollar short.  I also apologize for the spacing issue.  I tried to remedy it, but it's still acting up.

This past weekend my brother and sister-in-law drove down from Boston for a visit.  It was so lovely to see them.  They're both doctors so they work crazy hours and don't have much time off so I'm lucky if I see them once a year.

Saturday night my dad's side of the family all went out to eat at Viva.  Sunday my brother and his wife (plus my adorable niece, Daisy, the golden retriever) came over for brunch.  My mum made an amazing spread and I chipped in with apple struesel muffins and another red velvet cake.  My sister-in-law really wanted to try it after I posted photos of it on Facebook.  It was really special because I used my grandmother's recipe and it was even in her hand writing.

1. Sharing this post via Instagram.
2. The 1980's hot rollers I use to curl my hair.
3-4. Photo shoot for a future post; rocking my vintage fur hat.

5. The bridge at location with the sun hitting it just so.
6. Stone ruins I passed on a walk.  I wonder what it once looked like.
7. The handsome and well dressed Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
8. Knowlton Drugs and Seeds- could it be an old relation?

9. Creamy tomato pasta dinner.
10. Geeked out over Nicholas Hoult being a clue on Jeopardy.
11. A pearl bracelet I made.  It's for sale per request.
12. Longing for warmer weather.

13. Smudger keeping my lap warm during a nap.
14. An inspirational quote from the late great Audrey Hepburn.
15. Titanic cross-stitch in progress.
16. A gorgeous 1930's fur trim coat a neighbor gave to me.

17. A lovely 1930's dress my neighbor gave me.
18. And an Asian inspired vintage dress I was also given.
19. A plethora of vintage knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, and fashion catalog magazines I got for free from my library.
20. A few of my favorite.

21-22. I love Emily Marie Palmer's style.  No idea who she is but she's in Catching Fire.
23. The stone ruins on a foggy day.
24. Showing off my gams in black thigh high back seam stockings and a garter belt.

25. Mixing patterns for a future blog post.
26-27. Red velvet cake using my late grandmother's famous recipe.
28. The gorgeous and recently single Nicholas Hoult.  If only you were mine.

29. Throwback photo from when I wore side-swept fringe.
30. Made Irish soda bread.
31. A very Irish dinner: corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, and taters.
32. Dessert: apple dumplings.

33. My first attempt at fingerwaves since beauty school 4 years ago.
34. I used vintage clips designed for the wave.
35. Wearing my 1920's hat with my fingerwaves.
36. Still longing for warm weather in my grandmother's 1940's swimsuit.

37. One sexy zombie: Nicholas Hoult as R in Warm Bodies.
38. Craziness! Over 400 followers and counting!
39. What I wore out to dinner with my family.
40. Just finished reading this series (I know, a little late) and am in love.

41. I devoured this book in a day.  The film version won't come soon enough.
42. Warm Bodies looks so good. Nicholas Hoult is even beautiful as the undead.

My neighbor was sweet enough to drop off three vintage pieces that she couldn't sell at her thrift shop.  I was so thankful since I've been tight for money and haven't been able to buy anything for myself in a couple of months.  It's difficult to see everyone's swell thrift finds on Instagram, and not be able to revel in it yourself.  I know I am very blessed and have a wonderful closet full of items.  But that doesn't curb the urge at all.  It's not like a proper shop where the items will still be there weeks from now.  Once that piece is gone, it's out of your life forever.  That's part of the charm about thrifting though.  It's like a treasure hunt.  I know I will get to go shopping again in the future.  My drought won't last forever.  I'll just have to live vicariously through others and make due until that time comes.

I've been on a book reading bender lately.  I read four books in just a week or so.  I couldn't put down the Hunger Games series and Warm Bodies was read in a day.  There's something bittersweet about finishing a book you love so much.  You don't want to let it go yet at the same time you greedily want to consume the last few pages like it's the air I breathe.  Now I'm left wanting more.

Do you have any suggestions of books or a series I should read?

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