Friday, January 4, 2013

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Can you believe that this dress was hiding up in my mum's attic for years?  It was hers from when she was in secondary school.  So it's a bit short on me for my tastes, but by wearing it with black stockings and black shoes it grounds the look.  The jacket was also hers and it's reversible so it can be worn as I have with the blue on the outside or with the daisies out.

I really enjoyed wearing this look and I got many a compliment whist I was out and about.  I let everyone know that it was my mum's from when she was younger.  Apparently there was once an umbrella that matched the jacket, but it was lost on a school bus long ago.  I also especially love the handbag that I got at my local Humane Society Thrift shop.  I've wanted a tapestry bag for awhile and was thrilled when I came upon it.

Outfit Details:
vintage 1960s dress, vintage 1960s jacket {worn by my mum in secondary school}
vintage handbag, belt {thrifted}
knit stockings, shoes {target}

Do you have any pieces that were passed down from generations before you?  Do you wear them?

Want to see what photos didn't make it onto the blog?  Head on over to Facebook for a peek.


  1. This is so cute! I wish my mom had kept some of the things she wore in highschool; she has one shirt she made, and I love it. Although her things wouldn't fit me, because she was much shorter and skinnier than I am. Oh well.

    1. These are the only things she has from middle school. And I do have one pair of high waisted jeans that she wore in high school. Thankfully I'm about the same build when I was her age. She was probably even a bit skinnier than me. I've unfortunately gained a bit from being home all the time lately and depressed. So I've got to work on getting rid of the unwanted addition. It's just hard because of my back being in constant pain and certain ways I move trigger it more. Oh well...