Thursday, January 3, 2013

Out of the Secretarial Pool, Into the Woods

2013???  Already?  It's still so hard to believe.  I haven't had to write the date as of yet, but I'm sure I'm going to mess it up when I finally have to.  My new year is beginning pretty much the same as the year ended- with a whole lot of nothing.  So I don't really have much to report here.

I've given the post this title because I feel as if I look like some sort of secretary here.  Not that that's a bad thing of course.  I just feel like I stepped out of the office for a stroll through the park.  In hindsight, I think I would have paired this look with a shoe with a higher heel.  The vintage shoes here have just the tiniest wedge and I think with the knit stockings, it throws things off.  It's also bizarre how the camera photographed the print of the skirt.  It got all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

Outfit Details:
vintage blouse, vintage skirt, vintage handbag, vintage shoes, belt {thrifted}
knit stockings {target}
vintage ring {paternal grandmother}
earrings {claire's}

Tonight I will be going to my mum's and making homemade pepperoni pizza.  I haven't had homemade pizza in the longest time so I'm quite excited.  When I was still in school and would go visit my dad every Friday we used to make the most delicious pizza and then watch Star Trek and the original Beverly Hills 90210.  There was this one horrible time when I picked a piece of pepperoni off a cooked pizza and burnt my chin.  It was very painful and I had a terrible red burn mark on my chin for a bit.  Suffice to say, I learned my lesson.

Have any of you had any kitchen horror stories?

Want to see what photos didn't make it onto the blog?  Head over to Facebook for the extras.

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