Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Week According to Instagram

Another week passes us by.  I worked all week except for Thursday.  I was rather productive that day.  I finally got my hair trimmed after not doing so for the longest time, I started my Christmas shopping, went grocery shopping, and did some sewing with my mum.

I am working this weekend, so I usually don't do much when I work.  I have off tomorrow but it's going to be another busy day.  I like having off a weekday each week, but then again at the same time it's not very relaxing if you try to cram too much in one day.  I always long for my weekends off when I can have two days in a row.

1. Pumpkin spice latte on the way to a flea market.
2. Vintage nails and a Singer light bulb shield.
3-4. The lovely Vivien Leigh.

5. Stockings and garter belt.
6. Gorgeous blue Orchids.
7. Handmade Kindle case.
8. Battle wound from Smudger.

9. Lee Pace in Breaking Dawn Part Two.
10. Exploring Maine in July.
11. Hitchcock time.
12. Lovely fabric I need to buy.

13. Making an apron from this pretty fabric.
14. Saving the eggs from spoiling.
15-16. Stunning Waterfall furniture.  I desperately want the wardrobe on the right.

17. The third piece at the thrift shop.

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