Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Style Crush: Robert Taylor

Style Crush is finally back this week and it's featuring one of my favourite old Hollywood actors and crush in general...Robert Taylor.

I remember the first film I saw Robert in.  It was Waterloo Bridge and I fell madly for him.  He had a charm that was palpable through the screen and made me feel deeply for his character and the struggles he faced.

The next film I saw was Camille.  Poor Robert played yet another character that wasn't the luckiest in love.  It furthered my love of him and I began to watch every film of his that TCM aired.

He's able to pull off the looks of so many different characters.  He can wear the casual tennis jumper and then change into a tuxedo and look just as dashing.  I love the men's fashion of old.  It was just such a put together, polished look.  The fedora, the three piece suit, the wingtips...  There's just something about a well dressed man that makes a gal swoon a bit...

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  1. I blame TCM for my obsession with movies. TCM and my parents. I've been swooning over Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart since I was three! I haven't seen Waterloo Bridge yet, but it's on my watchlist.